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ADA Tenant Bathroom Vanity Relocation Photo

Multi-Family ADA Bathroom Sink Relocation

In this Multi-Family ADA Sink Swap example of work Easy Fit Plumbing specializes in, we’ll step you though the need and completion of moving a lavatory in a handicapped accessible apartment located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Bathroom sinks are also known as Lavatories. In this article you will see lavatory and sink used interchangeably.

Management at the multi-family property contacted us to enquire about a handicapped tenant with a special request. Along the life of the ADA unit restroom the bathroom vanity top was moved to the adjoining perpendicular wall. While this change accessible plumbing may have been necessary in the past, the current special needs occupant required the vanity and handicapped under sink plumbing to be moved.

Discussions with the tenant directly determined that she would like a little more counter space in the bathroom in addition to the ADA bathroom sink relocation. After meeting with the tenant we were able to determine the correct dimensions for the new vanity top and place the custom order.

Easy Fit Plumbing was able to reuse the existing approved ADA lavatory and ADA faucet. By carefully removing the lavatory from the old vanity top and placing it in our new extended handicapped vanity. This step saved the property owners money and satisfied the tenant who happened to love her faucet.

Since we extended the length of the vanity top we needed what is called a corbel to support the extra lavatory counter length. The challenge was to leave enough space for a wheel chair to swing away from the bathroom sink. The corbel, or counter top support/bracket, we installed did just that with a custom notch meeting the depth of the drain pipe. This notch allowed the tenant to pivot the wheelchair and miss the drain pipe and vanity top with her knees.

Speaking of lavatory drains, we had to move this one. The bathroom drain pipe and p-trap relocation was able to be achieved without changing the in-wall plumbing. However the external drain piping was changed with a shorter trap arm and new p-trap angle.

Hot and cold supply lines were replaced. After all the supply and drain piping was connected back to the faucet and lavatory, we covered the piping in the approved PVC drain insulation/cover material to protect the tenants legs and knees from cuts and burns that can occur when piping is bare.

Showing ADA unit vanity top before showing no room for wheelchair.
Showing ADA unit vanity top before showing with no room for the tenants legs while in her wheelchair.

To retain the handicapped tenants towel hanging space Easy Fit Plumbing worked with the customer to create a custom length towel bar. Initially the towel bar was at standing height but since this tenant was wheel chair bound we needed to change that. Before we attached the towel bar the tenant tested the height while in her wheel chair. The new custom towel bar was mounted on the wall at the end of the bathroom vanity.

Once the bathroom sink and vanity top were caulked in place there was one last task to complete. Fix the pop-up stopper in the bathroom sink. Most people aren’t too concerned with the pop-up stopper being set correctly. In this case the stopper needed to seal for a period of time while the tenant used the standing water in the sink to wash. Pop-up stoppers do have adjustments under the sink to help control the flow of water down the drain. Using the adjustments Easy Fit Plumbing got a good seal to hold water for well over 5 minutes. And 5 minutes of standing water in the bathroom sink was just what the wheelchair bound tenant needed

Property management at the Casa Grande multi-family building appreciated that we were able to communicate the needs of the handicapped tenant directly, clarify the tenants plumbing needs and execute the special order for the custom cut vanity top. At this geriatric and handicapped use property Easy Fit Plumbing was a supplement to the on-site property maintenance team. Because of the whole job focus of Easy Fit Plumbing and the specialty plumbing services we provide a life has been made easier. Making lives easier is what we are about.

Easy Fit Plumbing loves being an Arizona traveling plumber. Exploring new towns and talking to people about where to get lunch is our favorite. This trip to Casa Grande we were recommended a place called Bedillons. Bedillons had one of the best french dips I have ever had. They didn’t even mind that I ate the french dip like a plumber, with a fork and knife. The dinning room was fancy for our dirty boots so we ate on the patio. So on a final note, if you’re passing through Casa Grande, Arizona make a point to stop at Bedillons.

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KB is not a usual term for a public facing website but here at Easy Fit Plumbing it means Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is comprised of posts about the company, current trends and safety updates. We encourage users to interact with us via email if you have any questions or have something you would like to see added to the Knowledge Base.

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Easy Fit Plumbing Arizona Origins

Why “Easy Fit” For A Plumbing Business

When starting up the company I could have used many snappy names. Commonly you’ll find guys just using their name … which is a classic way to build trust in the plumbing industry. A possibility; Easy Fit could have easily been Carpenter Plumbing but does that speak to the nature of my approach to the craft?

What’s In The Name
Me. The founder of Easy Fit Plumbing, Shawn Carpenter. One thing stood out to me as I thought about how I work on the job is I easily fit. Flexibility to completion is built in to the training methods I use for my staff. Whether accommodating an overnight schedule or making plumbing majic in tight spaces, Easy Fit easily fits.

Experienced Plumber In Arizona and Across The Nation
Starting with residential, commercial and institutional service and repair in the midwest over 20 years ago Easy Fit Plumbing has continued excellent work here in Arizona. Updating our knowledge of code compliance, we are proud to be a Licensed Commercial Plumbing company throughout this copper state. Up to Bullhead City, Camp Verde and beyond. Far south to Casa Grande and Tucson. Peoria, Phoenix, Goodyear, Glendale, Mesa, Gold Canyon and more have functioning water fixtures in their spaces with the help of Easy Fit Plumbing.

… And sometimes the World
A good plumber is required no matter where you are. Wherever I have been, I have been that plumber. From work in Guatemala with the US Army, multi-story residential in Thailand to observing a hand-made PVC pump to a field well in Cambodia. I’ve traveled with the love of controlling water and learned that water controls so much along the way.

It’s Also About Small Spaces
We just talked about large places, now let’s talk small spaces. The small space reason I chose Easy Fit for the name of my plumbing company is … yes, I fit in small spaces. Places where other plumbers can’t or won’t go I have gone. Sparing you, the reader, the scary detail I’ll just say that the small places are dark, generally rough and usually something is living in there. We do what it takes to ensure the as-built matches the plans as closely as possible.

So there you have it. You now know Why “Easy Fit” For A Plumbing Business; because we are the plumbers that will easily fit in with your next project. You can confidently say you know an experienced plumber here in the valley.