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Sun Lakes of Arizona Approved Plumber

We are proud the be a Sun Lakes of Arizona Approved Plumber. At Easy Fit Plumbing our goal is to make plumbing service and repair in Sun Lakes truly easy. Our courteous and well mannered licensed technicians are ready to repair or replace any plumbing fixture in your home.

Easy Fit Plumbing is:

  • Arizona State Licensed ROC# 339343
  • Bonded by RLI Insurance Company
  • Jobsites Insured by NEXT Insurance Company
  • Better Business Bureau Listed
  • Courteous, Clean and Respectful
  • U.S. Army Trained Plumber
  • Over 22 Years of Plumbing Experience
  • Experienced ADA and Age-In-Place Installer

For the Home Owners Association Sun Lakes of Arizona we are now offering the following specials!

Kitchen Faucet Replacement

You Order We Install! Easy Fit Plumbing encourages you to shop online at retailers like Amazon for plumbing fixture styles you like. While you are shopping feel free to email or text your findings to see if they will work with your project. Offering you the opportunity to communicate with a licensed plumber while you are making decisions about your remodel. Standard kitchen faucet installation is now on sale. We can install faucets by Moen and Delta.

Garbage Disposal Smell?

It’s common to get an odor in your garbage disposal. That smell could mean it’s time to clean or even replace that black “flapper” in the bottom of your sink. If your garbage disposal has the stinks give us a call and schedule a professional garbage disposal cleaning.
Easy Fit Plumbing recommends Moen Garbage Disposals. With updated collar design and removable flapper, the Moen Garbage disposals are easiest to clean. Don’t forget we are here for you so contact us with questions about your garbage disposal cleaning or replacement today.

Age-In-Place Refresh

Have you been thinking of an easy to use shower head? How about a grab bar or two? We specialize in these types of custom bathroom conversions called “Age-In-Place Refresh”. Our Easy Fit Plumbing technician will discuss your physical needs for any supplemental assistance. Ask about our extra high height toilets and pull down stand up assistance bar installation.

Custom Retro Marketing Special For Sun Lakes Approved Plumber

Easy Fit Plumbing is proud to be an approved plumber for home owners associations across the Phoenix Valley. More importantly for this page, Sun Lakes HOA residents. Learning of the opportunity to have marketing specifically for our Sun Lakes clients we wanted to design something to fit the demographic. Searching for a designer we came upon one with a unique retro flair. Sun Lakes of Arizona being a more “active adult community” of retirees this retro record cover style marketing hit all of our highlighted services with a nostalgic feel.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels
  • RO Water Filter Installation
  • Age-In-Place Bathroom Conversion
  • Water Softener Service and Installation
  • Experienced ADA Plumbing Fixture Installer
  • Toilet Repair and Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Faucet And Water Tap Replacement
  • Washer Dryer Replacement and Repair
  • We Do Exterior and Underground Plumbing Too!

  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning
  • Hose Bib Replacement
  • Lawn Irrigation / Sprinkler Repair
Easy Fit Plumbing Record Album Retro Style Advertisement
A view of Camp Verde valley at dawn.

Camp Verde ADA One Day Full Kitchen And Bath Refresh

I didn’t want to leave out of the KB Posts so I’ll add it early. Camp Verde ADA One Day Full Kitchen And Bath Refresh was a whirlwind of a job beginning at the crack-of-dawn, literally. Proof is in the Featured Image. Slotted for this job was a custom ordered cabinet set for an apartment in Camp Verde, Arizona. Because this ADA tenant was unable to be moved from the unit for any length of time, part of the plumbing contract was to completed the job in one working day or less. We agreed provided were able to get an extra early start. Working with a local General Contractor, Easy Fit Plumbing was up to the challenge and ultimately delivered.

All plumbing fixtures were to be reused which means Easy Fit Plumbing completed Camp Verde ADA kitchen, bathroom demo with care. When you hire Easy Fit Plumbing to demo plumbing fixtures and cabinets our goal is to remove them as whole as possible. Removing the fixtures whole saves time, mess and noise. On this Camp Verde ADA kitchen bathroom proper, clean demo is what made the job a success.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry Removal

So you know our plumbing demo philosophy now on to the process of removing the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. In a wholesale fashion we removed screws and nails from the existing cabinetry and countertops. Doing so allows us to remove whole pieces of plumbing furniture without making a mess in the kitchen and bathroom areas. The entire plumbing demo in the camp verde took just a few hours including salvaging the existing kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Easy Fit Plumbing reused the kitchen and bathroom faucets too.

Kitchen Cabinetry Installation

Next the box cabinetry went back in. As we removing the old cabinetry we made note of stud location to make installing the upper and lower kitchen cabinetry install straightforward. Once the kitchen lowers were in it was time for the kitchen sink to go in. But first we needed to cut the hole in the laminate kitchen countertop. Easy Fit Plumbing is equipped with the proper tools to make cuts in most countertop materials including natural stone. Now our sink hole is cut and in this case we do not need to cut a separate hole for the faucet because the sink and faucet are “one-piece”. Easy Fit Plumbing reused the sink bolts then applied a fresh bead of caulk around the sink and backsplash.

Kitchen Sink Connection

Reinstalling the kitchen sink went well. Re-connecting the hot and cold kitchen water supply received new braided flex hoses and new angle stops. No upgrades to the drain were necessary, just a standard, single bowl connection without a garbage disposal. By request we cleaned and reused the drain piping, which was in fine shape.

Bathroom Vanity Installation

While the caulk dried in the kitchen we set our sights on the bathroom vanity. Since we’re plumbers, we were able to turn off the water while setting the bathroom vanity. More on that later in this post. Having the water off we were able to make three nice clean holes in the back of the bathroom vanity box. One hole for the hot supply. One hole for the cold supply. One hole for the bathroom sink drain. When you open the cabinet and look at the back everything looks nice and clean. The alternative being a huge hole cut in the back of the bathroom vanity cabinet. No one likes a vanity with a big hole in the back.

Bathroom Vanity Top Installation

Ok, our vanity bottom is in and it’s time for the vanity top to go on. Again because these tops were ordered from the factory the sink holes are not pre-cut. On the mounted vanity top we mark for the bathroom lavatory then make the cut with a laminate countertop saw. For this lavatory re-install we will just need to drop the sink in and apply caulk around the edges to hold in in place. Just like in the kitchen we caulk the backsplash in the bathroom as well.

Bathroom Supply and Drain Connections

Similar to the connection process of the kitchen we reconnected the bathroom vanity. Angle stops and braided hot and cold supply hoses were replaced. The drain pipes were also again cleaned and re-installed. Fairly straightforward again for a professional plumber. That is why Easy Fit Plumbing was selected.

Finish Trim In The Kitchen

Project Camp Verde Kitchen and Bath is coming to a close with just a few details left. There are some pieces of trim that need to go around the cabinet uppers and lowers in the kitchen. Even through we are plumbers here at Easy Fit Plumbing we do go the extra mile in situations like these. We have decades of experienced techs who can complete small cross-trade tasks. Putting the final trim on this one day job felt great. We worked at a constant pace throughout the day and came out on top.

Why A Plumber For A One Day Multi-Family ADA Remodel?

Easy Fit Plumbing selected the job because we can offer cross-trade skills. However the property management firm requested a plumber complete the One Day Multi-Family ADA Remodel. They got past that but this unit on the 6 building property was special.

Why A One Day Kitchen & Bathroom Refresh?

For this ADA tenant, moving to another unit during renovation would have been too difficult. That is why the property management firm set out to find someone courteous and fast enough to complete the kitchen bathroom refresh with the tenant in place. Easy Fit Pluming was happy to be that plumber. Sorry the day went so fast we don’t have photos of the actual final plumbing fixtures. But enjoy the one picture we did take, Camp Verde, Arizona at dawn.
A view of Camp Verde valley at dawn.