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Easy Fit Plumbing is a specialty plumbing service that focuses on courteous, clean service for a worry free finished product. Over the years Easy Fit Plumbing has offered remodel and repair pluming services all over the state of Arizona to General Contractors and Property Management companies directly. We now offer our successful plumbing track record of customer satisfaction to the general public. When looking for a plumber you want someone to communicate your issues and give you clear options. Easy Fit Plumbing gives you just that. Be it making contacting a plumber instantaneous or scheduling an after hours storefront build out, Easy Fit Plumbing can easily accommodate your plumbing needs.

Specialty Plumbing

Specialty Custom made hot and cold copper manifold; Historical Landmark ResidenceSpecialty Plumbing might sound like something new but specialty plumbing just refers to the custom creation of fixtures like sinks and faucets. As time goes on people are thinking outside the box and creating plumbing fixtures made out of novelty items. You could call it plumbing fixture art. An example of this are the urinals made out of beer kegs in the mens restroom. Or the sink that drains into the wall like St. Francis. Taking artistic variations to make plumbing fixtures can be achieved as long as Arizona code measurements and statutes are followed.

Installing specialty commercial plumbing fixtures gives customers something to talk about. Faucets that have a steam-punk or industrial feel can be created with little design. Just the creation of a unique faucet will get visitors excited about using your sink again. Similar to how a kitchen island sink gets people talking. How does the water get in? How does the water get out?

Custom use plumbing is also under the Easy Fit Plumbing Specialty category. Custom use specialty plumbing refers to plumbing used for specific purpose. Like a Laundromat or tortilla factory. Both examples have are custom use cases that require large amounts of large water quickly. Sometimes in industrial settings extra hose bibs are necessary, or an additional vacuum breaker installed before a piece of machinery. Pictured is a specialty water manifold created from copper pipe. Let Easy Fit Plumbing create custom plumbing systems for your next renovation.

We have highlighted some of our completed projects in our KB. However your can see the Completed Specialty Plumbing jobs here.

Historic Plumbing

Historic Plumbing Century Old Pedestal SinkWorking in Phoenix Historic residences and buildings is truly a pleasure. From old hotels to homes Easy Fit Plumbing enjoys working with the plumbing fixtures of days past. Whats popular is renovations in bathrooms and kitchens while preserving the original fixtures when possible. Rebuilding old bathroom sink valves rather than replacing. Reaching plumbing that is in very tight spaces to preserve original piping routes. All things that matter more in historic structures.

It is good to see so many buildings from the 1900’s being saved in the downtown Phoenix through the Encanto neighborhoods. Historic plumbing preservation is what Easy Fit Plumbing does best. On this page you will see toilets and sinks that are almost 100 years old truly unique. Easy Fit Plumbing has had the honor of working with all of these fixtures you see throughout this site. Working with clients rebuilding and reusing these historic plumbing fixtures renovations in Phoenix takes focus and care.

In a newer building a renovation can take weeks but when it come to historic structures the process can take months. Searching for necessary 100 year old replacement parts can take time, emails and phone calls. This is especially true here in Arizona. Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs have a limited amount, if any, historic plumbing parts. Easy Fit Plumbing does the research to find parts for historic plumbing fixtures before your historic renovation begins to reduce chance of error.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Office Kitchen during Tenant Improvement Peoria ArizonaCommercial plumber work in Phoenix is on the rise. On the far west side of the valley the amount of storefronts that are receiving tenant improvements is at an all time high. Finding a tenant improvement plumber is Easy Fit. Easy Fit Plumbing offers options to have your tenant improvement plumbing work performed after hours as to not disturb other tenants. We do not charge extra for after hours commercial plumbing service on tenant improvement projects. We’re flexible like that … we’re Easy Fit.

Restaurants, Doctors offices, break room sinks are common “TI” changes when opening a new storefront business. For these types of TI plumbing changes we recommend our commercial point of use water heater installation service. Easy Fit Plumbing can install all makes an models. However you can see in this post about under sink hot water units, we have had incredible success with the Steibel-Eltron models. Point of use heaters also called under sink water heaters or insta-hots, are the truly green way to heat water in your commercial space. TI General Contractors are encouraged to contact us and have us review your TI plumbing plans.

Contacting A Plumber In Phoenix Has Never Been Easier

Call A Plumber

We feature click to call feature throughout our website for convenience. Look for any Call Us link from your mobile phone and get an instant connection. Is calling someone considered “Old School”? Not when it’s your plumber. Give our link a try!

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Text A Plumber

You can now text Easy Fit Plumbing from your mobile device. Your standard messaging rates apply so it’s like texting a friend or family member only it’s your plumber. Customer can text Easy Fit Plumbing pictures of their plumbing issue. Cool huh.

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Email A Plumber

If you are on a longer contact timeline you can send us an email and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as we can. Want to send pre-construction plans for plumbing bids? You can submit the plan set via email or Building Connected.

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Easy Fit Plumbing Gear

Easy Fit Plumbing red and white raglan work shirt.
When your Easy Fit Plumbing tech gets on the job our unique plumbing uniforms always get noticed. Clients and trade colleagues frequently comment that the red and white raglan is one of their favorites. Note, the red does bleed to other white fabric but not to itself. That means we have to wash them separate. But just like our plumbing work, we take the extra step to make sure everything fits comfortably.
Easy Fit Plumbing Red Cotton Work Hat.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base … or K.B. if you’re cool. And because you’re reading this, you’re cool. The KB is were we post information about plumbing systems and general plumbing knowledge. Upon completion of your plumbing job in and around Phoenix you may see it posted here. We’re proud of the work we have done around the valley and care enough to show it off. When we remember to get pictures. Keep in mind the most important part of any business plumbing is what gets covered up by drywall, paint and pictures.

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