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Mesa, Arizona Industrial Park commercial business kitchen plumbing renovation

Break Room Kitchen Plumbing Remodel In Mesa, Arizona

This was a fun little break room kitchen plumbing remodel in Mesa, Arizona. Everyone was really nice to work with on 3rd shift and on day shift we found some great restaurants not too far. Easy Fit Plumbing got the call that an industrial commercial client was ready for an employee break room kitchen remodel. In total the remodel would include flooring, cabinets as well as wrap around counter seating.

For this client in the Mesa Industrial Complex the break room is a very active, pass-through room at the company. Employees receive information from poster boards and mounted televisions. But for Easy Fit Plumbing the concern was a new kitchen sink with gooseneck spray faucet head. This isn’t exactly a commercial kitchen so much as a kitchen in a commercial space. In addition the company provided coffee and tea on demand machines. You may notice a water cooler and refrigerator in the picture as well. Both of those “at work” kitchen appliances required removal and replacement. One last request from the client was the addition of a garbage disposal unit in the new double bowl kitchen sink.

Because this is an active industrial establishment during the day, Easy Fit Plumbing was able to accommodate the client with off-business hours and weekend work days to complete the plumbing renovation work. We did this to avoid large shift changes when employees were accessing the kitchen, break room and locker rooms. Being a night plumber also lets the client use restrooms and sinks during peak hours even during major renovation.

Prior to construction we were given the list of requirements for this renovation. Unlike most jobs Easy Fit Plumbing was able to make final selections on fixtures and the results were pretty stunning for an industrial corporate break room plumbing renovation. We cut the laminate countertop and installed an extra deep bowl stainless steel kitchen sink fitted with a Moen gooseneck, single lever spray faucet. Easy Fit selected the deep sink and high faucet to accommodate cleanup after company meetings and family day functions.

Mesa, Arizona Industrial Park commercial business kitchen plumbing renovation
Here is a picture we snapped as we were finishing up the plumbing on the office kitchen remodel in the Mesa Industrial Park.

To meet the needs of a garbage disposal upgrade Easy Fit Plumbing installed a Moen 1/2 HP model with a sink mounted switch. Because there was not an existing power supply located under the sink prior to renovation we had to bring GFCI power under the sink to power the disposal. Once we had power we were able to mount the air operated garbage disposal switch in the stainless steel sink.

Lastly we reconnected the automatic coffee and tea machine, the water cooler and the refrigerator ice maker. Getting water to all of the workers favorite kitchen appliances was a challenge. But with proper splitting and backflow prevention we were able to get all the appliances supplied correctly. In just a few visits Easy Fit Plumbing was able to play a part in converting the old dilapidated employee kitchen into a bright place to eat lunch.

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