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Scottsdale Balcony Water Heater

Scottsdale Condo Terrace Water Heater Closet Repair

Scottsdale Condo Terrace Water Heater Closet Repair is a fun story. Common design in mountain living is the condo terrace water heater closet. Fantastic use of space and with the “warmer” climate of Arizona, the outdoor tank style water heater is fully capable of being in an outside storage closet. On this particular HOA property there was an issue with the subfloor.

For a plumber in Scottsdale replacing a water heater there is a consideration. A licensed plumber or the homeowner need to request a water heater replacement permit from the city of Scottsdale. For this particular job the homeowner had already purchased the Water Heater replacement permit from the city of Scottsdale so we were able to just bring the new heater and make the swap. Pre-permitting is the way to go anytime we have Scottsdale Condo Terrace Water Heater Closet Repair.

Working in this particular multi-unit property there were three levels. Each unit head its own individual balcony or terrace. On the Terrace is a closet that houses the water heater. For some unknown reason the flooring in the outdoor patio closet in this unit was made of a product called gypcrete. Gypcrete loosely defined is a mixture of concrete and gypsum. Learn more about gypcrete mixtures here. To make matters worse there was no water heater pan installed. That means when the water heater failed the gypcrete became saturated and the water heater literally sank into the gypcrete.

Remove Sunken Water Heater

Showing Water Heater Closet Floor Replaced Concrete
Here is what the floor of the water heater closet looked like when we were finished.

Our first step in tackling this Water Heater replacement in a gypcrete floor outdoor closet was to remove the existing leaking water heater. This is a typical residential setup in multi-level multi-family Construction here in Arizona. We have a recirculation pump and an expansion tank along with a tnp valve setup made of CPVC. Removing all the attachments to the water heater we were able to lift the heater out of the saturated gypcrete flooring onto the Terrace surface. It is really crazy to see that the water heater has sank almost 2 in to the gypcrete.
The next step is to remove all this saturated gypcrete and make way for the new fast set will be putting in. There was also no access hole for the drain pan drain pipe to even be run out of the closet. I don’t understand how they could design this without a drain pan drain accommodation through the stucco. Anyhow, we will slope the concrete slightly to the new drain pan drain hole that we made in the stucco through to the inside of the closet. Then pipe that pan drain out to the Terrace surface. this way the next time there is an issue with the water heater the tenant in this condo will clearly see that there is water leaking. This eliminates the need for the tenant to have X-ray vision and see into the closet through the door should the water heater start suddenly leaking.

New Water Heater In

Water Heater Showing Drain Pan Drain Through StuccoWith our fast set concrete sloped and cured. Drain pan installed and drain piped to the best possible location. Easy fit Plumbing is ready to set a water heater in a Scottsdale condo Terrace closet. Since this Terrace is on the second floor we had to get a hand to get it all the way up and out to the patio. Once there we gently set it into the pan and added a couple of plastic blocks underneath just to keep it from setting directly on pan itself. This makes it a little easier when you have to drain the tank as well. The drain Port will not interfere with the vertical surface of the drain pan.

Reconnect, Recharge and Reset the Plumbing

Now it’s time to make all of our connections to the water heater. The hot feed, the cold supply, the recirculation pump. Get all of those connections nice and tight. We’ve replaced the seals as well. Also the expansion tank, don’t forget we put the new expansion tank checking the pressure to 40 psi. Many times when replacing a water heater people will neglect to replace the expansion tank. Compare cost, it is easier to replace an expansion tank when replacing the water heater. Replacing expansion tanks separately only results in another service call.

The recirculation pump has been without power for quite some time. We’ll need to reset the recirculation pump to the correct time. Set the recirculation pump back one hour. With all of our connections tight it’s time to recharge the water system. When we do recharge any water system it’s good to go and take the aerators out of the sinks. The initial blast of water will come through with any sediment. The settlement will go straight to the drain and not get caught in the aerators.

Verifying The Gas Connection

All right so the condo unit water system system is all charged up. Since this is a gas water heater we have inspected the mating surface of this flexible connection. After checking the flexible connection we’re going to connect right into this thermostat box. Now our gas water heater is reconnected. For some reason even after all these years I still read the directions before I light the pilot light. I guess every time is like the first time lol.
The pilot is on and we now have a fire at the burner.

CPVC is the material used for our Temperature and Pressure “T&P” valve on this water heater closet. This T&P valve is in a different location but that’s okay it’s still above the outlet through the drywall we just need to reconnect it with a CPVC coupling. Generally we would see copper used in this instance of a “multi-family” condo units but CPVC can be more cost-effective that’s for sure. PEX piping is now a lower cost alternative for the T&P valve drain than CPVC. In addition PEX piping is easier to install and lasts longer.

Finishing The Scottsdale Condo Terrace Water Heater Closet Repair

Running through our verbal checklist. Can it be said that a good Tradesman will talk to himself and run through his checklist? Throwing some finishing touches on this water heater install. Next we’re going to put a little bit of caulk around where our pipe comes out of the stucco for the drain pan. One final visual leak check. Now lets show the homeowner that our work is complete here. Finally to close out the job we take a picture and send it off to the property manager.
Do you live in a condo? Is your water heater located in a closet on your patio? Contact Easy Fit Plumbing today to have your subfloor inspected.
Scottsdale Balcony Water Heater

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Sun Lakes of Arizona Approved Plumber

We are proud the be a Sun Lakes of Arizona Approved Plumber. At Easy Fit Plumbing our goal is to make plumbing service and repair in Sun Lakes truly easy. Our courteous and well mannered licensed technicians are ready to repair or replace any plumbing fixture in your home.

Easy Fit Plumbing is:

  • Arizona State Licensed ROC# 339343
  • Bonded by RLI Insurance Company
  • Jobsites Insured by NEXT Insurance Company
  • Better Business Bureau Listed
  • Courteous, Clean and Respectful
  • U.S. Army Trained Plumber
  • Over 22 Years of Plumbing Experience
  • Experienced ADA and Age-In-Place Installer

For the Home Owners Association Sun Lakes of Arizona we are now offering the following specials!

Kitchen Faucet Replacement

You Order We Install! Easy Fit Plumbing encourages you to shop online at retailers like Amazon for plumbing fixture styles you like. While you are shopping feel free to email or text your findings to see if they will work with your project. Offering you the opportunity to communicate with a licensed plumber while you are making decisions about your remodel. Standard kitchen faucet installation is now on sale. We can install faucets by Moen and Delta.

Garbage Disposal Smell?

It’s common to get an odor in your garbage disposal. That smell could mean it’s time to clean or even replace that black “flapper” in the bottom of your sink. If your garbage disposal has the stinks give us a call and schedule a professional garbage disposal cleaning.
Easy Fit Plumbing recommends Moen Garbage Disposals. With updated collar design and removable flapper, the Moen Garbage disposals are easiest to clean. Don’t forget we are here for you so contact us with questions about your garbage disposal cleaning or replacement today.

Age-In-Place Refresh

Have you been thinking of an easy to use shower head? How about a grab bar or two? We specialize in these types of custom bathroom conversions called “Age-In-Place Refresh”. Our Easy Fit Plumbing technician will discuss your physical needs for any supplemental assistance. Ask about our extra high height toilets and pull down stand up assistance bar installation.

Custom Retro Marketing Special For Sun Lakes Approved Plumber

Easy Fit Plumbing is proud to be an approved plumber for home owners associations across the Phoenix Valley. More importantly for this page, Sun Lakes HOA residents. Learning of the opportunity to have marketing specifically for our Sun Lakes clients we wanted to design something to fit the demographic. Searching for a designer we came upon one with a unique retro flair. Sun Lakes of Arizona being a more “active adult community” of retirees this retro record cover style marketing hit all of our highlighted services with a nostalgic feel.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels
  • RO Water Filter Installation
  • Age-In-Place Bathroom Conversion
  • Water Softener Service and Installation
  • Experienced ADA Plumbing Fixture Installer
  • Toilet Repair and Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Faucet And Water Tap Replacement
  • Washer Dryer Replacement and Repair
  • We Do Exterior and Underground Plumbing Too!

  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning
  • Hose Bib Replacement
  • Lawn Irrigation / Sprinkler Repair
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Our little plumbing business on the internet.

Hot Frog Special Promotion

We are happy to have an ongoing promotion with Hotfrog search engine. Referrals from Hotfrog, simply mention “Hot Frog Special Promotion” when we schedule your service.

What I like most about listing Easy Fit Plumbing at Hotfrog is the amount on information able to be uploaded. First the Easy Fit Plumbing listing on HotFrog, allows for all of the business information to be entered. Making information easily available lets potential customers to connect with Easy Fit Plumbing quickly.

Second, Hot Frog Special Promotion allows us to add an FAQ section to answer common questions right from their search listing. Users of Hotfrog can get instant answers. For example “Where are you primarily located?” and “Can you work with us to pull permits?”. Click on the link in the Listing to view the answer. It would be nice if more search engines offered an FAQ feature.

Lastly, and my most favorite is the option to add articles. As a long time plumber I have a lot to say about plumbing. A search engine to write for additional plumbing content it welcomed. Hotfrog allows Easy Fit Plumbning to focus on plumbing related content that is immediately released.

Big thanks to Hotfrog for allowing Easy Fit Plumbing to fully express the scope of our business.

Our little plumbing business on the internet.
We like the amount of information we are able to input into Hotfrog.
A view of Camp Verde valley at dawn.

Camp Verde ADA One Day Full Kitchen And Bath Refresh

I didn’t want to leave out of the KB Posts so I’ll add it early. Camp Verde ADA One Day Full Kitchen And Bath Refresh was a whirlwind of a job beginning at the crack-of-dawn, literally. Proof is in the Featured Image. Slotted for this job was a custom ordered cabinet set for an apartment in Camp Verde, Arizona. Because this ADA tenant was unable to be moved from the unit for any length of time, part of the plumbing contract was to completed the job in one working day or less. We agreed provided were able to get an extra early start. Working with a local General Contractor, Easy Fit Plumbing was up to the challenge and ultimately delivered.

All plumbing fixtures were to be reused which means Easy Fit Plumbing completed Camp Verde ADA kitchen, bathroom demo with care. When you hire Easy Fit Plumbing to demo plumbing fixtures and cabinets our goal is to remove them as whole as possible. Removing the fixtures whole saves time, mess and noise. On this Camp Verde ADA kitchen bathroom proper, clean demo is what made the job a success.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry Removal

So you know our plumbing demo philosophy now on to the process of removing the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. In a wholesale fashion we removed screws and nails from the existing cabinetry and countertops. Doing so allows us to remove whole pieces of plumbing furniture without making a mess in the kitchen and bathroom areas. The entire plumbing demo in the camp verde took just a few hours including salvaging the existing kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Easy Fit Plumbing reused the kitchen and bathroom faucets too.

Kitchen Cabinetry Installation

Next the box cabinetry went back in. As we removing the old cabinetry we made note of stud location to make installing the upper and lower kitchen cabinetry install straightforward. Once the kitchen lowers were in it was time for the kitchen sink to go in. But first we needed to cut the hole in the laminate kitchen countertop. Easy Fit Plumbing is equipped with the proper tools to make cuts in most countertop materials including natural stone. Now our sink hole is cut and in this case we do not need to cut a separate hole for the faucet because the sink and faucet are “one-piece”. Easy Fit Plumbing reused the sink bolts then applied a fresh bead of caulk around the sink and backsplash.

Kitchen Sink Connection

Reinstalling the kitchen sink went well. Re-connecting the hot and cold kitchen water supply received new braided flex hoses and new angle stops. No upgrades to the drain were necessary, just a standard, single bowl connection without a garbage disposal. By request we cleaned and reused the drain piping, which was in fine shape.

Bathroom Vanity Installation

While the caulk dried in the kitchen we set our sights on the bathroom vanity. Since we’re plumbers, we were able to turn off the water while setting the bathroom vanity. More on that later in this post. Having the water off we were able to make three nice clean holes in the back of the bathroom vanity box. One hole for the hot supply. One hole for the cold supply. One hole for the bathroom sink drain. When you open the cabinet and look at the back everything looks nice and clean. The alternative being a huge hole cut in the back of the bathroom vanity cabinet. No one likes a vanity with a big hole in the back.

Bathroom Vanity Top Installation

Ok, our vanity bottom is in and it’s time for the vanity top to go on. Again because these tops were ordered from the factory the sink holes are not pre-cut. On the mounted vanity top we mark for the bathroom lavatory then make the cut with a laminate countertop saw. For this lavatory re-install we will just need to drop the sink in and apply caulk around the edges to hold in in place. Just like in the kitchen we caulk the backsplash in the bathroom as well.

Bathroom Supply and Drain Connections

Similar to the connection process of the kitchen we reconnected the bathroom vanity. Angle stops and braided hot and cold supply hoses were replaced. The drain pipes were also again cleaned and re-installed. Fairly straightforward again for a professional plumber. That is why Easy Fit Plumbing was selected.

Finish Trim In The Kitchen

Project Camp Verde Kitchen and Bath is coming to a close with just a few details left. There are some pieces of trim that need to go around the cabinet uppers and lowers in the kitchen. Even through we are plumbers here at Easy Fit Plumbing we do go the extra mile in situations like these. We have decades of experienced techs who can complete small cross-trade tasks. Putting the final trim on this one day job felt great. We worked at a constant pace throughout the day and came out on top.

Why A Plumber For A One Day Multi-Family ADA Remodel?

Easy Fit Plumbing selected the job because we can offer cross-trade skills. However the property management firm requested a plumber complete the One Day Multi-Family ADA Remodel. They got past that but this unit on the 6 building property was special.

Why A One Day Kitchen & Bathroom Refresh?

For this ADA tenant, moving to another unit during renovation would have been too difficult. That is why the property management firm set out to find someone courteous and fast enough to complete the kitchen bathroom refresh with the tenant in place. Easy Fit Pluming was happy to be that plumber. Sorry the day went so fast we don’t have photos of the actual final plumbing fixtures. But enjoy the one picture we did take, Camp Verde, Arizona at dawn.
A view of Camp Verde valley at dawn.

Showing TI renovation at Peoria, AZ Real Estate storefront

Peoria Storefront Mop Sink Water Heater TI

This post contains part of the entire tenant improvement project Easy Fit Plumbing participated in in Peoria, Arizona. Part Peoria Storefront Mop Sink Water Heater TI will talk a bit about the challenges we overcame when plumbing in a 20 Gallon water heater on a 5′ stand above a mop sink. What a genius way to tuck away cleaning supplies.

First The Stench

When we first walked into the triple storefront location in Peoria it was in a state of plumbing neglect. The smell in the decades unoccupied space was so pungent that I wore my respirator mask. However my eyes still watered a bit even with the storefront doors open. As I made my way through the space I discovered that the chrome p-traps on all of the lavatories were completely rusted. Wow, the bathrooms in this commercial space in Peoria had not been used in so long that the p-traps rotted away completely.

In this case the rotten p-trap was ok because the commercial restroom I was standing in was to be turned into a cleaning supply corner with mop sink and water heater. First the lavatory without a p-trap had to go. I removed the lavatory supply lines at the angle stops(the main water supply was already off). Then took the whole lavatory, faucet, supply line, angle stop assembly out to the recycler.

Showing double fixture hub at Peoria TI
This is the double hub fixture we turned into a clean out.
Exposed were the hot and cold supply piping that was attached to the angle stops. I cut the piping back behind the plane of the wall and soldered on a cap. Even though the piping was abandoned upstream, we choose to cap any in wall abandoned piping as a precaution. Lastly for the Peoria lavatory conversion was the trap arm adapter. After plumbing demo I discovered the trap arm for the suite we were renovating was attached to the adjacent suites restroom with a double fixture hub. After discussing the trap arm issue with the Project Manager the customer was on board with converting the double fixture hub into a clean out. Once the decision to have a plumbing clean out exposed the plumbing demo of the lavatory was completed and ready for drywall.

Now turning to that old commercial tank toilet. According to the architects plans the toilet had to be removed and converted into a mop sink. The challenge here is to integrate a p-trap of 3″ diameter to seal the sewer sewer from the space. However the opening on a commercial toilet flange is 4″. That means we are required to do some digging to get at the toilet main piping. Starting this part of the restroom conversion was removing the old toilet. Flange bolts came out nicely and we moved the toilet to the recycler.

From A Toilet To A Trap

With the closet flange exposed we determined where to cut and remove the concrete. Since this was a small amount of concrete to be cut and removed to expose the under slab plumbing we were able to use a diamond blade and jackhammer to break up the concrete. With concrete removed we dug up the under slab 4″ PVC pipe that will be our new mop sink drain. Luckily we were able to have enough space with the existing plumbing configuration to fit a mop sink p-trap and align vertically with the with the mop sink drain opening. Taking an increase in pipe size from the outlet of the p-trap we used proper adhesives and attached the new p-trap configuration.

Showing metal stud water heater stand surrounding mop sink.At this point we removed the lavatory, the toilet and converted the underground plumbing into a mop sink configuration. From there we invited The City Of Peoria to inspect and approve our work then backfilled the new under slab commercial plumbing and replaced the concrete. Once the concrete cured we were able to set the mop sink for good. The Peoria storefront is really moving along. The lav is out, the toilet is converted and we have communicated to the framers that the water heater stand over the mop sink is ready to be built.

Water Supply Here, Water Supply There

While Easy Fit Plumbing is waiting on the framers we plumbed what will be the hot and cold supply lines. The mop sink supply lines will be hidden in the wall behind the water heater stand so setting up the 1/2″ copper lines with threaded connections is paramount. To mount the copper supply lines we used the classic copper stub out brackets secured with the threaded adapters provided with the mop sink faucet. Now Easy Fit Plumbing will let the framers make our water heater stand while we move over to the cold supply to the water heater.

Moving on to the cold supply to the water heater Easy Fit Plumbing tapped from the existing commercial grade 3/4″ copper pipe. The cold supply does have a specific order it must go in so our piping to the water heater has to be detailed. One detail that the Peoria inspector commented on was how Easy Fit Plumbing techs ran the expansion tank threaded attachment. It really is an honor to have a Peoria, Arizona inspector pay you a compliment. We are always flattered when people visually enjoy our plumbing work. In this retail storefront case, the piping for the water heater will remain exposed for all to enjoy.

Showing water heater stand over mop sink with drywall.

Proof is in the picture … drywall is on and the water heater is in the process of being installed. That means we passed our rough-in inspection too. Finish connection of the water heater assembly was fun to complete. One of the most interesting is that the T&P valve piping and drain pan piping both drain to the mop sink below, however hidden in the wall behind. Another thoughtfully planned detail. When the tank was in position and the cold supply and hot feed lines connected we screwed on an expansion tank and fired the water heater up. From that point forward the guys on the job had hot water to wash their hands with.

F.I. and C of O

A little later in the project the work was inspected again by The City Of Peoria and the client received a Certificate of Occupancy with a passing final plumbing inspection. Today that Peoria storefront houses offices for independent agents complete with an amazing employee kitchen area. Easy Fit Plumbing looks forward to providing Owners and General Contractors with the experience and skills to turn grey box space into something special.

Mesa, Arizona Industrial Park commercial business kitchen plumbing renovation

Break Room Kitchen Plumbing Remodel In Mesa, Arizona

This was a fun little break room kitchen plumbing remodel in Mesa, Arizona. Everyone was really nice to work with on 3rd shift and on day shift we found some great restaurants not too far. Easy Fit Plumbing got the call that an industrial commercial client was ready for an employee break room kitchen remodel. In total the remodel would include flooring, cabinets as well as wrap around counter seating.

For this client in the Mesa Industrial Complex the break room is a very active, pass-through room at the company. Employees receive information from poster boards and mounted televisions. But for Easy Fit Plumbing the concern was a new kitchen sink with gooseneck spray faucet head. This isn’t exactly a commercial kitchen so much as a kitchen in a commercial space. In addition the company provided coffee and tea on demand machines. You may notice a water cooler and refrigerator in the picture as well. Both of those “at work” kitchen appliances required removal and replacement. One last request from the client was the addition of a garbage disposal unit in the new double bowl kitchen sink.

Because this is an active industrial establishment during the day, Easy Fit Plumbing was able to accommodate the client with off-business hours and weekend work days to complete the plumbing renovation work. We did this to avoid large shift changes when employees were accessing the kitchen, break room and locker rooms. Being a night plumber also lets the client use restrooms and sinks during peak hours even during major renovation.

Prior to construction we were given the list of requirements for this renovation. Unlike most jobs Easy Fit Plumbing was able to make final selections on fixtures and the results were pretty stunning for an industrial corporate break room plumbing renovation. We cut the laminate countertop and installed an extra deep bowl stainless steel kitchen sink fitted with a Moen gooseneck, single lever spray faucet. Easy Fit selected the deep sink and high faucet to accommodate cleanup after company meetings and family day functions.

Mesa, Arizona Industrial Park commercial business kitchen plumbing renovation
Here is a picture we snapped as we were finishing up the plumbing on the office kitchen remodel in the Mesa Industrial Park.

To meet the needs of a garbage disposal upgrade Easy Fit Plumbing installed a Moen 1/2 HP model with a sink mounted switch. Because there was not an existing power supply located under the sink prior to renovation we had to bring GFCI power under the sink to power the disposal. Once we had power we were able to mount the air operated garbage disposal switch in the stainless steel sink.

Lastly we reconnected the automatic coffee and tea machine, the water cooler and the refrigerator ice maker. Getting water to all of the workers favorite kitchen appliances was a challenge. But with proper splitting and backflow prevention we were able to get all the appliances supplied correctly. In just a few visits Easy Fit Plumbing was able to play a part in converting the old dilapidated employee kitchen into a bright place to eat lunch.

If you are a general contractor or a corporate entity looking to have an Arizona Licensed Plumber perform your commercial plumbing remodel or renovation please contact us.

Showing in-wall piping before old clothes washer host bibs were removed.

Washer Hookup Removal For Mesa Contractor

Renovations in Mesa today have small challenges. Back in the 1950’s Mesa, Arizona, had some crazy plumbing layouts….insert Easy Fit Plumbing. An electrician friend of ours was on a job and they needed a plumber. We’re always available for a Washer Hookup Removal For Mesa Contractor. Thankfully this time we remembered to get before and after photos of the job to share with you.

Showing old 1950's style clothes washer hot and cold supply connections.Originally the washer and dryer in this house were located in the hallway. At the point Easy Fit Plumbing was contacted the washer and dryer had been removed. Additionally the washer standpipe drain and dryer vent had been removed. The issue came in when live clothes washer water lines needed to be moved.What by todays standards would have been a proper plastic washer water box in this case were 1/2 NPT thread to 3/4″ washer hose bibs. The washer hose bibs were terminated using drop ear elbows, which is an approved connection.

Coming into the job site mid-swing is generally a good thing because the piping to be repaired or replaced will be exposed or easily exposed. The exception is sewer pipes .. but that’s for another post. This residential remodel was in mid-swing and the old washer 1/2″ copper supply was behind a drywall patch from a previous renovation phase. Easy Fit Plumbing only had to remove a small piece of drywall which we were able to put back in when the pipe removal was complete.
The cold supply was easily cut being that it was in the middle of the stud cavity. Easy Fit Plumbing left about 4 or so inches of pipe from an existing 1/2 copper supply tee and made the cut. We prepped the 1/2″ copper cold supply for a soldered joint with a cap. Originally piped against a wood stud, the hot supply to the old clothes washer was a bit of a challenge. Easy Fit Plumbing had to use a hack saw to make the cut as none of our pipe cutters would fit such a tight spot. Thankfully Easy Fit Plumbing has the tools on hand to get the job done. We made the cut to maintain a level with the cut cold supply and then prepped the copper end for a cap and solder.

Showing completed work. Soldered copper caps on both 1/2" hot and cold supply.
Showing completed work. Soldered copper caps on both 1/2″ hot and cold supply.

Time had come to test our copper pipe changes for our old washer valves. Soldered joints had cooled and Easy Fit Plumbing began preliminary cleanup. Recharging the water system in an old residence should always be done with care. As a rule turning water supply mains back on should be done slowly and in stages. Always wrap soldered joints that are being tested with a towel when recharging your water system to prevent water spraying if a soldered joint is bad. This plumbing trick is just one of the techniques that set Easy Fit Plumbing technicians apart from the rest.

After replacing the cut drywall the plumbing repairs were completed. The general contractor was relieved that we were able the get the old valves removed and the drywall contractors could resume work. Yet another Arizona renovation general contractor stayed on schedule with the help of Easy Fit Plumbing.

ADA Tenant Bathroom Vanity Relocation Photo

Multi-Family ADA Bathroom Sink Relocation

In this Multi-Family ADA Sink Swap example of work Easy Fit Plumbing specializes in, we’ll step you though the need and completion of moving a lavatory in a handicapped accessible apartment located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Bathroom sinks are also known as Lavatories. In this article you will see lavatory and sink used interchangeably.

Management at the multi-family property contacted us to enquire about a handicapped tenant with a special request. Along the life of the ADA unit restroom the bathroom vanity top was moved to the adjoining perpendicular wall. While this change accessible plumbing may have been necessary in the past, the current special needs occupant required the vanity and handicapped under sink plumbing to be moved.

Discussions with the tenant directly determined that she would like a little more counter space in the bathroom in addition to the ADA bathroom sink relocation. After meeting with the tenant we were able to determine the correct dimensions for the new vanity top and place the custom order.

Easy Fit Plumbing was able to reuse the existing approved ADA lavatory and ADA faucet. By carefully removing the lavatory from the old vanity top and placing it in our new extended handicapped vanity. This step saved the property owners money and satisfied the tenant who happened to love her faucet.

Since we extended the length of the vanity top we needed what is called a corbel to support the extra lavatory counter length. The challenge was to leave enough space for a wheel chair to swing away from the bathroom sink. The corbel, or counter top support/bracket, we installed did just that with a custom notch meeting the depth of the drain pipe. This notch allowed the tenant to pivot the wheelchair and miss the drain pipe and vanity top with her knees.

Speaking of lavatory drains, we had to move this one. The bathroom drain pipe and p-trap relocation was able to be achieved without changing the in-wall plumbing. However the external drain piping was changed with a shorter trap arm and new p-trap angle.

Hot and cold supply lines were replaced. After all the supply and drain piping was connected back to the faucet and lavatory, we covered the piping in the approved PVC drain insulation/cover material to protect the tenants legs and knees from cuts and burns that can occur when piping is bare.

Showing ADA unit vanity top before showing no room for wheelchair.
Showing ADA unit vanity top before showing with no room for the tenants legs while in her wheelchair.

To retain the handicapped tenants towel hanging space Easy Fit Plumbing worked with the customer to create a custom length towel bar. Initially the towel bar was at standing height but since this tenant was wheel chair bound we needed to change that. Before we attached the towel bar the tenant tested the height while in her wheel chair. The new custom towel bar was mounted on the wall at the end of the bathroom vanity.

Once the bathroom sink and vanity top were caulked in place there was one last task to complete. Fix the pop-up stopper in the bathroom sink. Most people aren’t too concerned with the pop-up stopper being set correctly. In this case the stopper needed to seal for a period of time while the tenant used the standing water in the sink to wash. Pop-up stoppers do have adjustments under the sink to help control the flow of water down the drain. Using the adjustments Easy Fit Plumbing got a good seal to hold water for well over 5 minutes. And 5 minutes of standing water in the bathroom sink was just what the wheelchair bound tenant needed

Property management at the Casa Grande multi-family building appreciated that we were able to communicate the needs of the handicapped tenant directly, clarify the tenants plumbing needs and execute the special order for the custom cut vanity top. At this geriatric and handicapped use property Easy Fit Plumbing was a supplement to the on-site property maintenance team. Because of the whole job focus of Easy Fit Plumbing and the specialty plumbing services we provide a life has been made easier. Making lives easier is what we are about.

Easy Fit Plumbing loves being an Arizona traveling plumber. Exploring new towns and talking to people about where to get lunch is our favorite. This trip to Casa Grande we were recommended a place called Bedillons. Bedillons had one of the best french dips I have ever had. They didn’t even mind that I ate the french dip like a plumber, with a fork and knife. The dinning room was fancy for our dirty boots so we ate on the patio. So on a final note, if you’re passing through Casa Grande, Arizona make a point to stop at Bedillons.

Easy Fit Plumbing provides this Knowledge Base for Updates and information about Arizona Plumbing.

What is “KB”

KB is not a usual term for a public facing website but here at Easy Fit Plumbing it means Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is comprised of posts about the company, current trends and safety updates. We encourage users to interact with us via email if you have any questions or have something you would like to see added to the Knowledge Base.

Art Credit:

Easy Fit Plumbing Arizona Origins

Why “Easy Fit” For A Plumbing Business

When starting up the company I could have used many snappy names. Commonly you’ll find guys just using their name … which is a classic way to build trust in the plumbing industry. A possibility; Easy Fit could have easily been Carpenter Plumbing but does that speak to the nature of my approach to the craft?

What’s In The Name
Me. The founder of Easy Fit Plumbing, Shawn Carpenter. One thing stood out to me as I thought about how I work on the job is I easily fit. Flexibility to completion is built in to the training methods I use for my staff. Whether accommodating an overnight schedule or making plumbing majic in tight spaces, Easy Fit easily fits.

Experienced Plumber In Arizona and Across The Nation
Starting with residential, commercial and institutional service and repair in the midwest over 20 years ago Easy Fit Plumbing has continued excellent work here in Arizona. Updating our knowledge of code compliance, we are proud to be a Licensed Commercial Plumbing company throughout this copper state. Up to Bullhead City, Camp Verde and beyond. Far south to Casa Grande and Tucson. Peoria, Phoenix, Goodyear, Glendale, Mesa, Gold Canyon and more have functioning water fixtures in their spaces with the help of Easy Fit Plumbing.

… And sometimes the World
A good plumber is required no matter where you are. Wherever I have been, I have been that plumber. From work in Guatemala with the US Army, multi-story residential in Thailand to observing a hand-made PVC pump to a field well in Cambodia. I’ve traveled with the love of controlling water and learned that water controls so much along the way.

It’s Also About Small Spaces
We just talked about large places, now let’s talk small spaces. The small space reason I chose Easy Fit for the name of my plumbing company is … yes, I fit in small spaces. Places where other plumbers can’t or won’t go I have gone. Sparing you, the reader, the scary detail I’ll just say that the small places are dark, generally rough and usually something is living in there. We do what it takes to ensure the as-built matches the plans as closely as possible.

So there you have it. You now know Why “Easy Fit” For A Plumbing Business; because we are the plumbers that will easily fit in with your next project. You can confidently say you know an experienced plumber here in the valley.