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Showing in-wall piping before old clothes washer host bibs were removed.

Washer Hookup Removal For Mesa Contractor

Renovations in Mesa today have small challenges. Back in the 1950’s Mesa, Arizona, had some crazy plumbing layouts….insert Easy Fit Plumbing. An electrician friend of ours was on a job and they needed a plumber. We’re always available for a Washer Hookup Removal For Mesa Contractor. Thankfully this time we remembered to get before and after photos of the job to share with you.

Showing old 1950's style clothes washer hot and cold supply connections.Originally the washer and dryer in this house were located in the hallway. At the point Easy Fit Plumbing was contacted the washer and dryer had been removed. Additionally the washer standpipe drain and dryer vent had been removed. The issue came in when live clothes washer water lines needed to be moved.What by todays standards would have been a proper plastic washer water box in this case were 1/2 NPT thread to 3/4″ washer hose bibs. The washer hose bibs were terminated using drop ear elbows, which is an approved connection.

Coming into the job site mid-swing is generally a good thing because the piping to be repaired or replaced will be exposed or easily exposed. The exception is sewer pipes .. but that’s for another post. This residential remodel was in mid-swing and the old washer 1/2″ copper supply was behind a drywall patch from a previous renovation phase. Easy Fit Plumbing only had to remove a small piece of drywall which we were able to put back in when the pipe removal was complete.
The cold supply was easily cut being that it was in the middle of the stud cavity. Easy Fit Plumbing left about 4 or so inches of pipe from an existing 1/2 copper supply tee and made the cut. We prepped the 1/2″ copper cold supply for a soldered joint with a cap. Originally piped against a wood stud, the hot supply to the old clothes washer was a bit of a challenge. Easy Fit Plumbing had to use a hack saw to make the cut as none of our pipe cutters would fit such a tight spot. Thankfully Easy Fit Plumbing has the tools on hand to get the job done. We made the cut to maintain a level with the cut cold supply and then prepped the copper end for a cap and solder.

Showing completed work. Soldered copper caps on both 1/2" hot and cold supply.
Showing completed work. Soldered copper caps on both 1/2″ hot and cold supply.

Time had come to test our copper pipe changes for our old washer valves. Soldered joints had cooled and Easy Fit Plumbing began preliminary cleanup. Recharging the water system in an old residence should always be done with care. As a rule turning water supply mains back on should be done slowly and in stages. Always wrap soldered joints that are being tested with a towel when recharging your water system to prevent water spraying if a soldered joint is bad. This plumbing trick is just one of the techniques that set Easy Fit Plumbing technicians apart from the rest.

After replacing the cut drywall the plumbing repairs were completed. The general contractor was relieved that we were able the get the old valves removed and the drywall contractors could resume work. Yet another Arizona renovation general contractor stayed on schedule with the help of Easy Fit Plumbing.